Draga Laboratories LLC is a family-owned, full service, contract manufacturer of hair care and cosmetic products. For more than 30 years, Draga has specialized in the science and production of high caliber and versatile hair care and cosmetic products. 

At Draga our motto is Innovation, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction! We partner with clients by becoming extensions of their company, bringing our personalized scientific method to the design table to compliment their needs. After all, Draga's success is synonymous with our clients' success and satisfaction!

DRAGA has devoted tremenoudous amounts of time and resources to its quality assurance and quality control procedure for the products it manufactures.

DRAGA can help you design your brand label, tailor match your product samples, create your product line, and manufacture for retail sales. 

Private label products are typically manufactured by one company for offer under another company's brandDRAGA has an extensive line of hair care, skin care, and cosmetic products available for private label.




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